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Grow Your Mind is a positive mental health program that is all about enhancing resilience and wellbeing. It is for pre and primary school aged children, educators and parents. We link social and emotional education directly to the brain with a playful animal analogy that resonates with young and old(er).

The program is built upon four pillars to promote mental health and wellbeing: positive psychology, social and emotional learning, public health and neuroscience. The program draws on the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) model of the 5 social and emotional learning competencies (self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills) to help children. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) underpins the pre-primary and primary school curriculum.

Grow Your Mind brings together a range of wellbeing topics such as growth mindset, character strength education, gratitude, mindfulness, healthy relationships and emotional regulation and ties it back to basic neuroscience.  Grow Your Mind is one of a small number of programs recognised by beyond Blue’s BeYou directory.

Grow Your Mind takes a whole-school approach and our program establishes a foundational language of wellbeing. Our schools report this language is not only one that is explicitly taught to cover key wellbeing curriculum areas, but also our whole school approach offers  cross curriculum support and resources that can be utilised in a range of  learning situations, both in and outside the classroom.

You bet and this is where it links:

  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children are effective communicators
  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

 We are a research based primary school wellbeing program that is based on 4 key pillars of research

  1. Positive Psychology
  2. Public Health
  3. Social and emotional learning
  4. Neuroscience.

We have also completed an external evaluation of the program with UOW Psychology researchers. Results of this study will be available in March 2022.

We are also committed to track our impact and help you see the positive changes that can come from using Grow Your Mind. We have impact measurement tools that we use to support this and are very happy to share impact reports with you.

Yes! We are most closely linked to Personal Development and Health curriculums. 

No! It will not!

The majority of Grow Your Mind schools already have an existing program. Grow Your Mind gives wings to 99% of all wellbeing programs. The only wellbeing program we would clash with would be one that focused purely on self-esteem and suggesting children should be happy all of the time. Grow Your Mind is instead about learning the skills to navigate life’s ups and downs. We want children and adults to look for evidence based character strengths in themselves and others and to name and feel a range of emotions.

Yes! A key focus for us is the wellbeing and professional development of our educators. Wellbeing isn’t a spectator sport. In order to be able to foster positive mental health knowledge and habits in our students, we need to have the knowledge of this for ourselves. 

You can take a closer look at Our Courses which include:

  • An introduction to staff wellbeing
  • Staff resilience
  • Helping kids feeling resilient (for parents too)
  • It’s going to be ok: puberty and adolescence (for parents too)
  • Engaging Character Strength Education
  • Using the Grow Your Mind podcast
  • Implementing Grow Your Mind

No! It will not!  The Grow Your Mind program has been designed by a teacher for busy teachers. As an educator you can explicitly teach the program, embed it across literacy units or grab wellbeing activities that take less than 5 minutes.

We highly recommend that you do! It is inexpensive AND the gold standard way of embedding Grow Your Mind in your school, as evaluated by the University of Wollongong. Training can be delivered either through our pre-recorded Implementing Grow Your Mind course or in a facilitated session with one of our excellent educators. 

Whilst it is recommended as part of the gold standard of using Grow Your Mind, it is not a prerequisite for starting to use Grow Your Mind and in fact some schools begin using the program and then choose to invest in Implementation support once they have an understanding of the content a little more. 

None of our content has any religious affiliations. We do however promote and share the common values of kindness, compassion, love and service.

Our focus age group is from preschool through to Year 6. It is also for educators and for parents/carers.

Yes, there are multiple.

We have a scope and sequence for using the Grow Your Mind podcast, for using the Guess Who character strength videos AND we have a whole-school wellbeing scope and sequence.

We also have generous schools who have shared various scope and sequence plans for their settings.

At the beginning everyone starts with the introductory lessons. This is where students learn about the animals as well as the concept of what mental health is and how to look after it.

Please see does the school have a scope and sequence for more information on how the program progresses. 

To paint a brief picture though: 

After completing the 12 introductory lessons educators and students have 3 seasons of the award winning Grow Your Mind podcast to listen to as well as student workbooks to complete, lesson + resource lists to follow (20 episodes in total, most suited for Year 2 through to Year 6)

Each year we encourage educators to choose a wellbeing focus for their year group. There are units of work and activities throughout the platform to support this. An example may be: Year 6 will focus on values and being a leader, Year 4 will focus on healthy friendships, Year 1 on emotional regulation etc 

See above.

Yes we have a suite of professional development courses that are teacher recognised ​​as elective PD.These courses can be delivered either as pre-recorded courses you can complete in your own time or as a facilitated course for your whole staff, with one of our highly experienced educators.

Take your pick from Our Courses:

  • An introduction to staff wellbeing
  • Staff resilience
  • Helping kids feeling resilient (for parents too)
  • It’s going to be ok: puberty and adolescence (for parents too)
  • Engaging Character Strength Education
  • Using the Grow Your Mind podcast
  • Implementing Grow Your Mind

These are the steps we recommend when you are preparing to present Grow Your Mind to your colleagues –

Step 1: Show one or both of these tv segments about the positive impact The Grow Your Mind is having in 2020. 

Step 2: Share our animation. This will introduce one of the key concepts of the program and touches on what we offer. 

Step 3: Give the Principal, Wellbeing Co-ordinator or Classroom Teacher our Educator’s information flyer which includes what other educators are saying about Grow Your Mind

Step 4: Tell your school we are on the Be You website and they can find out about our research, implementation and delivery

See the response above

The school kits have been designed to work alongside our online subscription program and make wellbeing and mental health messaging visible, beautiful and able to be referred to through the day in the classroom, library and beyond. Our physical resources also give students access to the resources, to be able to pick up and read, when they might need. While we encourage schools to adopt a whole of school language we also encourage a ‘choose your own adventure’ way of thinking. The gold standard of Grow Your Mind is to have our Online program, alongside some all important PD in the area of teacher wellbeing and physical resourcing/school kits for all classes. When you are a Digital subscriber you get 20% off our school kits and poster packs.

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