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Providing engaging, evidence-based positive mental health strategies for educators, children and families.

For children aged 3-12 years old.

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Use our program as an information bank and inspiration to spread wellbeing messages at home.

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These resources are designed to support mental wellbeing in the home.

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Why wellbeing is so important

14% of young people met the criteria for a mental disorder diagnosis

and one fifth experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress, according to Beyond Blue

Australian students are more anxious about schoolwork compared to the OECD average

 with females, indigenous students and those from low socio-econonmic backgrounds experiencing the highest levels of stress according to research

Half of all the mental health conditions we experience throughout the course of our lives will have started by age 14

making a strong case for an increased focus on wellbeing and mental health in the classroom. Source

Grow Your Mind for families

Grow Your Mind is an award winning social and emotional wellbeing program for schools and homes. Grounded in four key pillars of research: positive psychology, public health, social and emotional learning + neuroscience.
Our digital annual subscription is aimed for parents and carers to use as an information bank and inspiration for ideas to spread wellbeing messages at home with children aged 5 through to 12 years of age. 

CHECK OUT THIS SNEAK PEAK of co-founder and Director of Content Alice Peel talking about Grow Your Mind For Families

Why is it effective?

Because it is evidence-based and written by accredited teachers and wellbeing experts.
Because our program can be integrated seamlessly into your day – so time is not an obstacle.
Because everyone enjoys the activities – teachers, students, leaders, support staff and parents.
Because it builds a common language that can be shared in the classroom, staffroom and with families.

Grow Your Mind is used by parents, educators & students across Australia

16,000+ educators

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250k+ students

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50k+ families

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It is amazing how Grow Your Mind has made content based on the latest evidence-based research on neuroscience and positive psychology accessible. There is not a day where one of my children don’t refer to the knowledge they have learnt, strategy or story that has been taught to them by Grow Your Mind.”

Lucy, mother of 3

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The Grow Your Mind for families program is fully online, flexible & playful.

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Grow Your Mind are leaders in the content innovation space for mental health and well being for children aged 0-11.

WINNER of the Silver Award at the Australian Podcast of the Year Awards 2021 – Best WellBeing Podcast

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Grow Your Mind is used in schools across Australia

Professional Development Courses

Accredited courses to support you and your staff to learn and live the program.

Grow Your Mind Schools Program

Curriculum aligned, research backed, time flexible and engaging content. Used by over 2000 educators.

Physical Resources

Make mental health messaging visible, engaging and playful.


Colour, create, make, write, find and read.. At Grow Your Mind we are all about paying it forward, so enjoy some free resources on us, it’s time to flourish!

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