Our Reason for Being

Poor mental health is a serious issue. 
Mental health education does not have to be. 

We want to see children, families and teachers with the same awareness of looking after their mental health as they do for their physical health. 

We therefore exist to make topics such as brain awareness, resilience, mindfulness and compassion relatable for young and old(er)!

The Australian BRAIN

is seven times more likely to notice the negative than the positive.


is the biggest killer of young Australian’s, accounting for more deaths than car accidents or skin cancer


burden of disease affecting 0 – 14 year olds are mental health problems


of primary school children have a mental health issue in Australia


of high school children have a mental health issue in Australia


of Adult mental health problems start by the age of fourteen

According to Beyond Blue, half of all serious mental health issues begin before a child reaches 14 years of age. 

We believe that the more we embed messages about emotional health in young children, the more chance we have of positive mental health outcomes now and later in life.


can help us feel more positive emotions and increase our resilience


can be explicitly taught, boosts our metal health and lights up pleasure centres in our brain.


increases emotional regulation as well as our ability to focus and have perspective


helps us fight stress and can be as effective as anti-depressants


are in each and every one of us and knowing them can help us to face adversity and to flourish

Grow Your Mind have been a certified B Corporation since November 2019. This means we are part of a community that is working toward reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty, creating a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.