Grow Your Mind Schools Program

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Grow Your Mind is an award-winning social and emotional wellbeing program for individual teachers or whole schools.

Developed for pre and primary school children

We’ve reached 21,000+ educators and 315,000+ students across Australia

Approved as a Student Wellbeing Program by NSW Education and Be You (Beyond Blue)

Our approach

We support your whole school community to build the foundational knowledge and skills essential for looking after mental health.

Create a common language to make wellbeing visible
Our program gives teachers and students a shared language that can be used in the classroom, staffroom, playground and at home, allowing everyone to take part in a simple yet effective way.

Encourage teachers to prioritise their own wellbeing
Looking after others begins with looking after yourself and that is exactly where our program starts. We encourage school staff and leaders to learn and prioritise their own wellbeing.

Build a thriving wellbeing culture
School staff who feel good about coming to work, have healthy relationships with their colleagues, communicate & collaborate in a clear and kind manner will be more effective employees. Our program aims to bring a higher level of energy into the classroom, and to provide the tools for staff to demonstrate greater resiliency when confronted with adversity.

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Why schools love it

Hear from staff and students who use the program

About the program

The Schools Program is an annual digital subscription that provides guided access to more than 1500 tools and resources to promote positive mental health.

Measurable impact

Half of all the mental health conditions we experience throughout the course of our lives will have started by age 14

Based on pre and post evaluation surveys of 106 primary school student at South Coogee Public School in 2019.

Create a supportive and positive school culture

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Unsure if Grow Your Mind is right for your school?

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