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Teacher Resilience Course (In person)

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Teacher Resilience Course (In person)
Teacher Resilience Course (In person)
Teacher Resilience Course (In person)
Teacher Resilience Course (In person)

Humans are wired to be resilient, however, as teachers we are not immune to feeling low in the good stuff at times!  School staff regularly experience high-stress levels and the feeling of overwhelm. The Teacher Resilience Course is an interactive and light hearted 2-hour online course made with love and compassion by a teacher as a gift for you as a teacher. The online workshop takes you through the latest research-based tools that are key components in building the resilience we all have within ourselves.

The course is facilitated by co-founder Alice Peel either in person or live via an online platform.

Alongside stories and engaging information, participants will have opportunities for reflection questions & activities in their individual workbooks as well as links to fascinating research in the area.

Key topics covered in the course:

  • The real Lord of the Flies and what it means for humanity
  • Myths and Truths of being resilient
  • Awe
  • Healthy relationships
  • Joy + Authentic Gratitude
  • Deep listening and slowing down
  • Challenging the Green-Eyed Monster
  • Embracing stuff-ups and feedback

And More!

We will get in touch to co-ordinate at time and date this once your order is confirmed. 


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