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Implementing Grow Your Mind

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Implementing Grow Your Mind
Implementing Grow Your Mind
Implementing Grow Your Mind

This professional development course highlights how to embed + explicitly teach positive mental health strategies in the classroom and the school. We developed Grow Your Mind to make the life of a teacher easier when it comes to successfully teaching emotional wellbeing. This course explains how to make the most of our creations within the classroom and whole school environment.

Topics covered - 

1. Building brain awareness - introducing the Grow Your Mind animal characters 

2. Making wellbeing engaging through stories, playdough, podcasts, and meaningful micro-moments

3. Reclaiming the reputation of the Guard Dog ( the amygdala): is this a threat, a challenge, or an opportunity?

4. The importance of staff wellbeing, how to 'live' wellbeing as a member of staff.

5. Making the life of a teacher easier: a step by step guide of how to use our Digital for teachers subscription. Whether you are using this resource with under 5 minutes to spare or wishing to make the most of extensive units of work both in the health and literacy areas - we have you covered!

6. Hear from other teachers on elements of the Digital for teachers subscription. 


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