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Implementation support

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Implementation support


Grow Your Mind has been developed to be a program that is easily picked up and implemented in any school without intensive training. We have our Grow Your Mind manual, introductory lesson plus a video to help guide you though the process.

We recognise that sometimes schools would like some customised and in person implementation support. Purchasing this implementation support gives you an hour with our Director of Education Alice Peel either in person or live via an online platform. 

It is an opportunity to tour the resources asking any questions that come to mind, as well as hear shared learnings from our larger school community and talk about how the program can work alongside any existing program and resources you might use. 

If you are investing in our in person Introduction to Teacher wellbeing course or Teacher Resilience Course we can add this hour onto that session and we will discount it by 50%.  

We will be in touch to book a time and date on purchase or don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. 


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