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Educations Matters Magazine 2019 article about how Grow Your Mind is part of a movement of paying it forward. 

positive news article about grow your mind podcast

Positive News Magazine September 2020 article sharing the impact the Grow Your Mind Podcast is having. 


Listen to the co-founder Kristina Freeman share the business story of Grow Your Mind on Alison Morgan's Mindful Biz Podcast, 15 November 2019 

Enjoy this fantastic interview with co-founder Alice Peel and Chelsea Pottenger, about how to stay calm with kids at home, April 16th 2020


AS SEEN ON CHANNEL 7's SUNRISE 26th September 2020

Hear about how Grow Your Mind has been supporting children and educators this year. .


AS SEEN ON THE ABC 14th June 2020

Hear about the impact The Grow Your Mind Podcast is having.

October 23rd 2018 - Interview on the Daily Edition about founding Grow Your Mind. 

May 27th 2020 - The Daily Edition, Kristina Freeman  talking about what Grow Your Mind offers and parent wellbeing.