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Grow Your Mind at home 

Make your own Chatterbox, colour in your Guard Dog or find some strengths in our Find-A-Word. At Grow Your Mind we are all about paying it forward, so enjoy some free resources on us, it’s time to flourish!

script for a gratitude meditation you can do with your children

A sample script for a guided gratitude meditation with your kids.

blank chatterbox template to make your own conversation starter

Make your own chatterbox and start connecting. It's a humorous way to teach kids about conversation starters.

Recommended Book List

Looking for more fun ways to embed Grow Your Mind at home? Your can't look past a good story. Let us know if you have other recommendations!

feelings find a word worksheet

Enjoy a good find a word while building emotional literacy.

Strength discussion pointers

Developed for a classroom, it is easy to adapt these pointers for a conversation around the dinner table and explain each character strength, what it looks like it and how we can practice it.

strengths find a word worksheet

Enjoy a good find a word while getting to know the range of character strengths..

Colour Me In

traffic light colouring in page
Colouring In Animals
growth mindset colouring in page

podcast colouring sheets

Episode 1 - Meet the Animals 

Podcast episode 2 colouring sheet

Episode 2 - B.O.B it up

podcast episode 3 colouring sheet

Episode 3 - Stuff-ups take courage 

podcast episode 4 colouring sheet

Episode 4 - More dangerous than smoking 

podcast episode 5 colouring sheet

Episode 5 - This too shall pass

podcast episode 6 colouring page

Episode 6 - The Key to living to 100

episode 7 colouring-in sheet

Episode 7 - The perfect antidote

episode 8 podcast colouring in

Episode 8 - The problem we all live with 

video lessons

The Guess Who Series - Click here to enjoy Lesson #8 and be taken to the rest of this series on our Youtube channel .

Mini Positive Education lesson - Click here to enjoy a Lesson on Art and Hope and be taken to the rest of this playlist in our Youtube channel.

Grow Your Mind Story Time - Get comfy and enjoy some rollicking good books, read by friends of Grow Your Mind. A New story drops every Sunday. 

one final offering

Our Family Values compass card. Print outand fill out with 4 key family. Naming these 4 key values values and having them in mind as a family can help you navigate through life's ups and downs.