Poster lesson - take care of your


take your pick!

Connect with people

Who makes you feel safe and great?

Connect with them today!

Listen to music

What songs do you love?

Make a playlist, crank it up!

Know and grow a strength

What are your top 3 strengths? Use one!

Which strength can you practice growing a little?

Learn something new

What interesting fact can you find out?

Who would you like to know more about?

Be creative

How can you bring creativity into your life today?

A painting, a problem, a story???

Move your body!

How can you move your body today?

Run? Skip? Handball? Burpees? Move it Move it!

Show kindness to someone

Who can you help? Who can you include?

How can you be the best part of someone else's day today?


Pretend play, sport, trading - get playing!

How can you bring play into your day today?


Who makes you laugh?

What makes you laugh? Bring it into your day!

Do something that brings you joy!

Where do you feel joy?

What brings you joy?

Take three mindful breaths

In and out, super slowly

Before you speak or act - take three!


Which books do you love?

Comics, chapter, picture - get reading!

Think about what you are thankful for

A friend, parent, teacher, animal? Tell them!

How can you show someone you appreciate them today?


Maybe not right now... at school! But tonight - get to bed at a good time

Remember sleep = good focus, less crankiness and more remembering!

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