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Our School Kit - OLD


Grow Your Mind school kits are informed by leading-edge research in the fields of developmental cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, social and emotional learning and positive psychology. They are designed to make embedding well-being messages easy, fast and effective. The kit can be used on a daily basis, for as little as two minutes at a time. It can also be expanded into 45 minute lessons linked to the Australian Curriculum.
Grow Your Mind kits aim to support schools to have a positive, inclusive culture by facilitating a common language of well-being. 

In each kit you will find a resource that grows resilience, mindfulness, impulse control, emotional regulation, courage and a growth mindset.

Kits cost is $199.

Also included in our School kit is a make your own Class Amygdala Jar and teacher cheat sheet. 

Is your school in the Sydney area?
Wanting to invest in 7 or more school kits?

If so Grow Your Mind offers a free workshop for teachers to explain each element of the kit and how to best use it In your classroom. We also offer a parent information night.