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start by showing your students the animation

Animation reflection questions 

Simple activities for students to give the animation story greater impact and meaning. You will also find echoes of these questions, reflections and tasks in the student journals.

Australian Curriculum

Health and Physical Education

Focus Areas

                           NSW Syllabus
the wellbeing framework for schools
          The Wellbeing Framework for schools

At Grow Your Mind we believe that effective wellbeing needs to be a whole school approach. We have a language of wellbeing and positive mental health that students, school staff and families can use. We also know that schools are busy places. We highlighted relevant parts of both the Australian and NSW curriculum to showcase how you can use the content of Grow Your Mind explicitly in your classroom during mandated health curriculum hours. However, we strongly encourage you as a school to refer to the resources in micro moments, to offer cross curriculm opportunities so as to make the wellbeing messages authentic and applicable AND to use the language of flourishing we have provided as part of your every day interactions.

grow your mind teaching overview

Grow Your Mind Teaching Overview

Themes, Key Inquiry questions and Links to relevant GYM resources.

the wellbeing framework for schools

 useful things you can find in our free resources section

 Introductory lesson plans

 Character strengths descriptions

Colouring -in sheets

Teaching overview

A guide: with or without a kit

These four documents are a snapshot of a multitude of resources we have available for free on our website. Explore the area further to find worksheets, ideas for keeping the content fresh throughout the years, comprehension tasks and recommended reading

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