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kristina freeman &
Alice Peel

Being slightly obsessed with wellbeing and working as a primary school teacher, Alice knew she had the concept of a story: animals that represent the brain as a playful way to teach children about their mental health. With her background in public health, positive psychology and mindfulness Alice could see, not just in the world of research, but within the classroom she taught in, that the students with emotional regulation skills and an ability to bounce back were thriving. 

As a passionate acupuncturist, Kristina knew there was a need not being met. She was seeing more and more younger patients in her clinic presenting with anxiety. These patients had the knowledge to look after their physical bodies but seemed at a loss as to what they could do for their minds. Kristina’s background in Chinese Medicine and Health Science gave her a great respect for the body and mind connection. Something was amiss and Kristina wanted to create an offering for her family, her patients and for others around the world to slow down, be more present, ponder joy, connect and practice the ingredients that develop resilience. 

Fast forward to 2019 and the two of them find themselves as co-founders of a BCorp that has been in existence for under 2 years. Within this time frame they have been awarded a partnership grant with Atlassian, were the co-winners of the Macquarie Bank Kickstarter Venture Grant and one of the first Australian SheEO ventures. Their resources are in hundreds of schools and homes nationally and internationally. 

Their reason for being is simple: offer invitations to children, families and school teachers that promote flourishing. They passionately wish to reclaim the term mental health, we all have it so therefore we can all learn how to look after it.

Jane Hunt 

Designer / illustrator

A constant crafter and podcast listener, Jane is thrilled to combine her love of all things art and design with an ongoing interest in child development. Having babysat in her teens, nannied through her twenties and now with two children of her own, her observation of child development has been constant. 

 Jane has a Diploma in Visual Communication and Graphic Design and is delighted to be able to combine her two passions in this exciting, innovative and essential social venture.If you would like to enquire about the Grow Your Mind artwork and view more of Jane’s work you can contact her here.


(Nick, Avenue Employee)

In July 2019, Grow Your Mind joined forces with social enterprise, Avenue. As part of the Fighting Chance enterprise model, Avenue is a co-working space where people of all abilities are supported to work, socialise and develop their individual skills, regardless of their support needs. This is a really meaningful partnership for us. We know the importance of connection, of belonging, of feeling of value, especially when it comes to mental health. 

The fabulous Team at Avenue Botany now fulfil all our online orders. So when you order from Grow Your Mind, you now know you are not only supporting us and mental health education, but also other women and men to be able to enjoy meaningful employment, develop further skills and feel part of our society. We couldn’t be prouder to be part of such an important movement of inclusion.  


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