Move Your



Walk Clap Jump Hi

Head outside for 5 minutes. Instruct students to walk when you call out walk. Then clap when you call out clap. Jump on the spot when you call out jump. Instruct them to shout HI when you call out HI!

Do this once. Now mix it up. 

When you call out walk they need to clap, when you call out clap they need to walk and when you call out jump they say hi and when you say hi they jump!


Air performances

Students stand and wait for instructions as to which imaginary air activity they need to complete:

Air guitar

Air juggling

Air piano

Air swimming

Air handball

Air drumming


Invent your own ball game
In pairs you have one ball between you. You must come up with a ball game:

a variation of hand ball that involves dance moves

a catch, hop and sing game

a hot potato game that involves speaking in an accent


Power Pose it Up

As a class learn 4 new power poses. E.g. find your centre (legs slightly apart, arms relaxed and standing proud), wonder woman (stand proud, hands on hip), warrior 2 (google images), the victor (hands in the hair like you just won a race)

Play Simon Says or Simone Says! For Each power pose

Friday Fun Day

Follow a Just Dance Clip

and DANCE up a storm as a class.


Tap & Shake 


Play the drums on your desk. Next play the drums on your chest. Your shoulders, your belly, your back, your legs, your shins and your feet.

Repeat from the top but ultra FAST.

One more time, nice and slow.

Now shake your whole body super fast but just on the spot. Freeze. Poker face.


Chair sit

Pretend to sit down in an invisible chair 5 times. 

Sit then stand, sit then stand.

Now pretend sit in a chair and hold for 1 minute! Can you do it?

When you finish your one minute shake it out!


Hop, Balance and Ground

Hold your arms out at your side and make circles with them in the air. Now hop on your left foot 10 times. Hop on your right foot ten times. Balance on your left foot for a count of 10. Balance on your right foot for a count of ten. 

Find your centre (see flip)


Talk and Walk

As a class walk around the playground. Your mission is to pair up with someone you never normally talk to. You need to practice your conversation skills. Asking a question, listening and adding a comment. 

When you make your comment e.g. "That’s cool that you have a black dog" You both do a little skip/hop. Then return to walking. The next person who just answered a question must now ask a question. If they fail to ask a question you freeze on the spot. Do not move until they remember they need to ask a question.

Friday Fun Day

Follow a Just Dance Clip

and DANCE up a storm as a class.

Learning Intention:

Students learn different ways they can move their body and start to link that movement with a change of mood.